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Connection (Short Film, Grounded Science Fiction)

The Climate Crisis forces Earth's evacuation with the hope of colonizing a new world. The trip is long and lonely, but a dating system has been created to allow Earth's remaining survivors to communicate and hopefully find love.


Two Gold Telly Awards - Best Writing and Best Low Budget

Ten other major film awards

Official selection at over two dozen film festivals worldwide

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Committed (Short Film, Recovery Drama)

After being forced to commit her suicidal nephew to a behavioral hospital, a conflicted woman struggles to regain the relationship she lost.


Gold Telly Award - Social Responsibility

Silver Telly Award - Sound & Sound Design

Silver Telly Award - Use of Music



Toxic (Short Screenplay Character drama with fantastical elements)


Sixteen-year-old Alice was raised by her mother in an underground bunker. But when her mother suddenly dies, Alice isn’t sure what to do. She was given strict instructions of what her mother wanted her to do if something like this occurred – clean the house, shut down the system, and take poison so she, too, can die like her mother. She is almost ready to follow the instructions and even places the poison in her mouth, but then she realizes - Alice wants to live.


Published by Qu Literary Magazine


Second Rounder – Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

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