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Jennie Jarvis is currently seeking representation for unpublished works.
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Crafting the Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation and Development Craft Textbook

Many writers believe once they have their basic plot points in place, their stories are destined to succeed. But many narratives fall flat between those plot points and lose their audience before the big finish. Engaging the audience and moving the story forward in every scene is the responsibility of the characters, not the plot. But while many books on the craft of writing state that characters need to be three dimensional and change, a beginning writer isn’t always sure how to turn these rather abstract ideas into concrete craft on the page.

Crafting the Character Arc offers a practical guide to character creation and development by expanding upon the concept of the character arc and creating a step-by-step guide for writers to ensure that their characters are dynamic and engaging. Using narrative examples from multiple platforms, including novels, films and games, this is the essential guide for helping writers create an active and well-defined character arc.

Best Educational Book – 2nd Place – Royal Palm Literary Awards

Published by Beating Windward Press


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A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor Who

What a world of demons Doctor Who has presented us with over the past seven decades: from Daleks and Cybermen to Weeping Angels and the Silence, the greatest villains of the Who-niverse have achieved an iconic status all their own, cementing themselves in the minds of millions of viewers (why else would Parker Brothers have devised a version of Monopoly after them?). If, as the Seventh Doctor once said, "You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies,” the Doctor is great indeed, rescuing the universe time and again from some of the most formidable and terrifying villains in science fiction history. Now, for the first time, an entire anthology of essays is dedicated to deconstructing this gallery of blackguards. Who are the greatest Who villains of all time? Why are they so frightening? And—apologies to Shakespeare—what do they tell us about the villainy of our own fears? Featuring essays by Joseph Dougherty (executive producer, Pretty Little Liars; producer, thirtysomething), Steven Ashby, Anton Binder, Sarah Corey, Ken Deep, Jan Fennick, Hannah Friedman, Mark Givens, Nancy Hutchins, Jennie Jarvis, Don Klees, Chris Kocher, Robin Koman, Charles Martin, Michael Robinson, Steve Sautter, and Shane Thomas. Edited by David Bushman (Conversations with Mark Frost) and Barnaby Edwards (president, Doctor Who New York)

Published by Fayetteville Mafia Press

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Condoms and Hot Tubs Don’t Mix: An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades

Sex isn't always the romantic experiences we read about in novels or see in the movies. Oftentimes is silly or messy or awkward. This collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry seeks to look at the funny and sometimes heartbreaking encounters that are human sexual experiences.


All proceeds from the sale of this anthology are donated to Planned Parenthood.

Published by Beating Windward Press

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Jennie Jarvis is currently seeking representation for unpublished works. 

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